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About Us


Welcome to Deptford Junior Wrestling.


We are an organization that promotes and teaches the oldest and toughest sport, Wrestling.  The style we teach is known as Folkstyle {Scholastic} Wrestling and follows the same rules as high school and college, but with shorter bout times.  Deptford Junior Wrestling is comprised of athletes (boys and girls) ages 5-14. Our coaches emphasize a positive learning environment, foster skill development, and demand good sportsmanship.


Wrestling is a sport that challenges and teaches all of the participants the value of hard work, determination, and discipline.  A wrestler stands-alone in the center of the mat and pits his skills and strength against his opponent with no one to blame.  It takes a special kind of courage, so win or lose, support your child and provide a lot of positive reinforcement for the courage he has shown.  Do not make wins and losses the measurement of his success, but instead the skills and the efforts he puts into it, as each child has varied experience and physical development.


We will hold home matches this year at the Recreation Center.  These matches and Tournament help us raise money for equipment and trophies.  We ask for parents to help with these events.   We will have a sign up list for the parents to volunteer at these events.


We look forward to an excellent year.  Please feel free to speak to Paul Bachman with any questions or concerns that you have.




Thank you, 





Deptford Township Recreation Center at 52 Montague Lane 












and at Deptford Township High School at 575 Fox Run Rd.







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